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Accenture's Skills to Succeed Academy is a free, highly interactive online training program. It helps learners build the skills and confidence they need to make smart career choices and find and succeed in employment.

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7 modules Lifelong Learning Continuing to learn throughout your life is important for success. This course will show you how to adopt a growth mindset. Embracing challenges and adapting to change Having greater confidence in your own abilities Developing skills to stay relevant View Course 6 modules Emotional Intelligence Discover strategies for managing your emotions, coping with stress and communicating effectively. These are key elements of working with others. Managing and monitoring your own responses Staying grounded and calm Improving your communication View Course 8 modules Solving Problems Everyone faces problems. This course will teach you methods to make problem solving easier. Identifying a challenge or issue Successful problem solving techniques Tackling complex problems View Course 9 modules Thinking Critically This course will teach you how to evaluate information and think through decisions. Validating information Forming a judgment or assessment Applying critical thinking at work View Course 7 modules Understanding Technology Explore the basics of technology and the history and future of technological development. Understanding the technology landscape Identifying when and how to use certain software Past and present technology trends View Course 12 modules Technology at Work Improve your digital literacy with this introduction to computers and the internet, and how they are used in the workplace. Working with different tools and technology Using email and communicating virtually Navigating the internet View Course 16 modules Exploring Coding This course provides an overview of coding and an introduction to key programming languages. Understanding computer programming languages Writing basic coding commands Considering career paths in coding View Course 7 modules Discovering Data Learn ways to collect and interpret data, and how it can be used to guide decision making. Collecting, managing and working with data Data interpretation techniques Using data to help make decisions View Course